About me

I'm a Professor of Cognitive Psychology in the School of Education at La Trobe University (Bendigo campus). As a registered psychologist who qualified originally in speech pathology, both disciplines strongly inform my research, as do my seven years working in public health research and teaching, and seven years as coordinator of a postgraduate program for primary and secondary teachers, concerning high prevalence mental health problems. 

My research passion is communication competence - primarily as this pertains to vulnerability in early life. I am also interested in promoting evidence-based practice and in supporting practitioners in all disciplines to spot and avoid pseudoscience in their work.

Much of my current research focus is on the early language-to-literacy transition and ways in which this is best supported in early years classrooms. I am also actively involved in youth justice and leaving care projects.

Views expressed are my own. I welcome comments and the opportunity to be shaped by the views of others. I moderate posts on the basis of respectful tone (or lack there-of!).

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