Friday, 20 March 2020

Vocabulary: The what, why and how. Brought to you by Nerdy Werdy**

Welcome to what is probably my all-time briefest blog-post.

This week, my La Trobe University colleague Emina McLean and I were going to give a presentation at the Bendigo Early Language and Literacy Community of Practice (BELLCoP) meeting about vocabulary development. World events in the form of a pesky microbe that won't take no for an answer have forced a change of plans, and we've now recorded our presentations (separately from the confines of social isolation, I hasten to add), and you can find them at the following links:

Part 1: Vocab “what and why” (Pam)

Part 2: Vocab “how” (Emina)

Emina has also written a fabulous blogpost about vocabulary development and you can find it here.

Happy listening and reading everyone and do stay safe in this scary* time.

*frightening, worrying, unsettling, disquieting, unnerving, nerve-racking......just to get you in the mood for vocab ;-)

**Oh and thanks to Dr Emma McLaughlin for suggesting the name of our YouTube Channel

(C) Pamela Snow (2020)

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